Hangar 9 33% Cap 232 ARF

My first 33% plane was the Hangar 9 Cap.  Based on all the web chatter, it seemed like it is pretty hard to go wrong with this plane, a DA100, and 8411s.  It turned out to be a great combination, so much so that when it was lost on the 25th flight, I immediately bought another one.

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Hangar 9 33% Cap 232

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Year Built:



26.2 lbs - missed my target by .2 lbs but planning some carbon fiber gear to remedy the situation...


Per Manual - 4.5 from leading edge at tip.




Mejzlik 24-12 3-blade - plane was pretty fast with this prop, could get 6400 RPM easily.
NX 26-10 3-blade - slowed things down a bit, but louder, easier to rip.


KS 84VS tuned cans


87 Octane Unleaded w/ Lawnboy Ashless at 32:1


Futaba 9zAPWCII
Futaba R149DPS


JR 8411, JR 811 on throttle


3 Hobbico 2000mAh NiMh.  It looks like these will be good for about 4-5 pretty aggressive flights between charges.  May need to go Li-Ion someday...

Color Scheme:

Red, White, Blue Ultracote

Initial Impressions:

*This is the nicest ARF I have ever seen. 
*Quality is Excellent. 
*The parts fit is fantastic. 
*Covering is beautiful - the UltraCote on my 25% cap was sloppy - this one was a nice surprise.  I actually bought this plane expecting to have to recover the whole thing and decided against it because I wasn't sure I could do a better job.
*I can see some excess epoxy down around the anti-rotation pins on the wings, there is probably more in places I can't see, so it's likely that we're carrying a few extra ounces. 
*Having the vertical stab as an integral part of the fuse assembly saves assembly time.

Firsts for me:

First gas engine, first canister install, first 33%, first use of 8411's, first use of fiberglass (cowl baffles), first PCM setup, first dual-battery setup.

Flying Impressions:

*Did the maiden on 7/21/03.  Flew two 10 minute flights before it got dark.
*Motor is still a bit rough, need to get it broken in and needled a bit better.  This is my first gasser so it's a learning experience.
*This plane is a joy to fly.  Even at 26 lbs it climbs like a scared cat.
*Rollout and takeoff was very short (60 feet maybe?) even at 2/3 throttle.
*Elevator and aileron rates per manual are plenty for initial flights.
*Lands like a dream.  Just float it in.  Tail-wheel first landings are a piece of cake.  Easier to land than the 25% cap.
*If you are nervous about stepping up from 25% to 33%, jump in - you don't know what you're missing!
*More updates as I get more time on it.  Hope to have some video soon.
*Lost the plane on the 25th flight.  Details on
Flight Report page.  Plane # 2 should be complete by end of January.

Painted pilot, Installed Canopy.  Make sure you put the hatch on the fuse before gluing the canopy on!  Otherwise it may distort the back part of the hatch and then it won't fit.  Don't ask me how I know this.  Also be sure to cover the mating surfaces between the hatch and the fuse with wax paper before gluing the canopy on.  Don't ask me how I know this either.

Installed landing gear. 
Thinking at some point I will switch to carbon fiber gear all around.
Hinged and gap sealed all control surfaces.



Installed wing servos and linkages.  Had to go find Rocket City 4-40 ball links with LH threads, only RH threaded links came in my Hangar 9 hardware kit.  (The LH links are gray.)  You can forcefully re-thread them with no problem, but I like having the correct parts.  Gap sealed with clear UltraCoat.

Put a Matchbox in each wing root.  Definitely the way to go for a hassle-free linkage setup.
Also added a 1/4x20 nylon bolt to help secure the wing.

Here's where I add the doubler for the nylon bolt to go through.  Glues to the phenolic tube, and the upper and lower stringers.



Bought some beautiful wing bags from Wingbags.com.  Got their whole kit for the H9 cap.

Mejzlik 24x12 and Dave Brown spinner w/ lightened backplate.  Not an Ultimate style, but about half the price of a Tru-Turn.  Very pretty.  Have switched to a Mejzlik 26x12N for the Cap #2.  Check Flight Reports page for latest.


Drew up a wiring diagram to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything...

Batteries are installed and wired up.  If you plan to charge both batteries simultaneously, be sure you select switches which disconnect both the positive and negative leads.  Otherwise, charging problems, like ruptured batteries, can result.


Looking back over the receiver and throttle servo and forward towards the firewall.



More wiring.  You can see the Jomar electronic switch for ignition kill and the aileron plugs laying in the bottom of the fuse.


Ignition batteries are visible inside the motor box.  After I took this shot I decided to re-route the plug wires thru the back of the motor mount, looks cleaner.

It's starting to look more and more like a complete airplane.  I have spent a crazy amount of hours on this project...

Maiden Flight!
7/21/03.. See Flying Impressions for details.


My cousin Nicole came all the way from Maryland to supervise...

Summer 04,  few Cap#2  pics  courtesy of Phil...It was 110 degrees out.  Not sure if we are hardcore or stupid...



This one is my  favorite=>