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Brian's UCD recently took a header into San Diego bamboo field.  The damage is not that bad, a new fuse should do it.  It was quite a ways up.  Battery failure was the suspected cause.  After a hard day of flying, it came out of a blender, locked into an aileron roll, and went straight in.  The bamboo cushioned things nicely.


Now that 33% Cap #2 is done, I finally took some pics of all that I saved from #1.  The spinner, a header, and a can.  A brand-new can is also shown, for comparison.  Crash details click here.

Well, on about flight 100 the 25% Cap became the victim of pilot error.  I had a flameout at medium altitude at mid field.  Not wanting to take a chance with the retaining fence at the end of the runway, I tried to squeak out a 270 degree turn to scrub some altitude.. I scrubbed too much, and snapped it right into the ground.

The fuse broke right behind my previous repair, so I guess the repair was decent.

Snoopy came through in good shape.. he'll be back in the next version.  I think I know where to find a new fuse, the wing was not severely damaged.  I guess my plan to build a lighter version of this plane has been accelerated somewhat :-)