Fun Tiger
After seeing Rob Callahan's Fun Tiger done up as the Lowe's NASCAR, I decided I had to have one.  Funny, until I saw it in person, I had no interest in fun-flys.






Carl Goldberg Falcon 56 MkII

Colombo Andersson 38% Extra

Hangar 9 33% Cap 232

Hangar 9 1.20 Cap 232 (Bob's)

Hangar 9 1.20 Cap 232 (Bill's)

Lanier 31.5% Staudacher S600

Sig Kadet Mk II

Sterling Ringmaster

Thunder Tiger Fun Tiger


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Year Built:

2002.  This is the ARC version.  It came framed up and ready to cover.


5.0 lbs


Per manual


OS 46 FX


APC 10x6


Stock OS


Powermaster 15/20


Futaba TX6AS
FMA Quantum 6


Futaba S3003 with EMS ball bearing conversion


Hobbico 1650 mAh NiMh

Color Scheme:

Black and Yellow, patterned after Caterpillar NASCAR

Initial Impressions:

*I would rate the quality of this ARC as Good.  The wood is decent, and it wasn't dripping with excess glue.  Fit of the various parts was no problem.
*I elected to go with CA hinges rather than the supplied small pinned hinges. 
*The control surfaces were not beveled.  The rudder/vertical fin cannot be double-beveled because of the shape of the back of the fuse, but a single bevel on the rudder itself provides more than enough travel.
*I ended up using the FMA receiver, which I am very happy with.  There just wasn't enough room for a standard sized receiver.
*The fuse is a ply/balsa "sandwich."  If I was building another I'd open up the bays a bit to try to shed some weight.
*The supplied hardware is a bit cheesy and odd sized.  I replaced the pushrods and clevises with GP 2-56 sized stuff.

Flying Impressions:

*I have about 40 flights on this plane now.
*Takes off in about 20 feet and will climb straight up, vertical is no problem with a 10x6 APC.
*A bit squirrelly on the ground due to the short fuse.  Best to just get in the air quickly.
*Added "one washer" of right thrust to straighten out the ground handling and uplines.
*Definitely a "throw around" airplane.  There is nothing you can do with the sticks that will hurt the airframe, even on 3-D rates.  I've had no problems with flutter, but I do need to gap seal the ailerons, just in case.
*Has a bit of wing-rock in a harrier, especially on 3-D rates.  Adding tail weight helps.  Considering moving the CG back a bit more to help the 3-D and hover characteristics.
*Knife-edge flight is very easy - very little coupling.  I'm sure the flat fuse helps.
**The name sums it up the best:  Definitely a Fun Fly, and Fun to throw around.
*Zero assembly/takedown time is nice.  Makes it perfect for sneaking in a flight after work before the sun goes down.


Front quarter view.  I think there's some weight to be saved by "venting" the stock aluminum gear or swapping for carbon fiber.


Ridiculously thick wing means good brakes when you get out of the throttle.  It's fun to dive at the runway, pull up and set 'er down at the last second.


Keno likes R/C planes, but her lack of opposable thumbs makes it difficult for her to be a really good pilot.
Flat fuse makes knife edge slow and easy.

2011 update:  I sold this plane on consignment several years ago..