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Carl Goldberg Falcon 56 MkII

Colombo Andersson 38% Extra

Hangar 9 33% Cap 232

Hangar 9 1.20 Cap 232 (Bob's)

Hangar 9 1.20 Cap 232 (Bill's)

Lanier 31.5% Staudacher S600

Sig Kadet Mk II

Sterling Ringmaster

Thunder Tiger Fun Tiger


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1989 Jaguar XJS


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Thanks to our good friend Kelly and courtesy of the owner, Mr. James Stewart, in January 2010 Rachel got some stick time in the Big Red Stearman N64648. This aircraft is stunning!






On the Jaguar XJS page I mention Dad's 66 Ford.. well, it's November 2008, and for the past several months Quinn and I have been going thru the 428.. Here it is just about ready to go back in the truck..this will be Quinn's hot rod..





Jeremy Roth has another H9 Cap and took these shots at the Fall 2006 Arizona Model Aviators IMAC clinic.. The SNJ is Jeremy's as well..

March 2004..
Maiden Day for Brian's
WH Extra.. Bob has
some nice shorts and
a nice attitude!

Brian shoos away
the Paparazzi after
a successful flight

Full scale Christen Eagle
N92CE and..

..Hiperbipe N77HT, both
formerly owned by Bill

n October 2003, Bill took Quinn up for a spin (not literally) in Aeronca Champ N4462E..





The next few shots are from a December 2002 visit to the Champlain Fighter Museum, formerly at Falcon Field in Mesa, AZ, now in Seattle..

Every landing is on
instruments when you
can't see over the dash..

Fokker Tri Plane


Super Corsair..Super Rare